RIO STATION :: The Big Dry

Earlier this year I spent some time photographing in Central Queensland,  a region suffering from its widest spread drought on record, with almost 80% of the state declared affected.

The Walker family of ‘Rio Station’ kindly opened their doors to me for a few days to experience station life, situated on the outskirts of Longreach they are one of many families currently being challenged by the dry conditions and a turbulent market.

Like most country folks I’ve been privileged to meet over the years they appeared hopeful in the face of difficult times and beyond generous. As the news of the drought falls to the wayside of the 24 hour news cycle it’s important that we all continue to support those hard working families in the regional farming areas of Australia.

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This year is moving by at a crazed pace & the old blog has been a little neglected … thought I’d get back in the swing by sharing a few shots from my time spent at MBFW in Sydney earlier this year. The stunning work of ‘Lan Yu’ was a stand out.

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There’s no better way to meet people than to hit the streets with a camera in hand. I did just that whilst on assignment for Getty Images last week at the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival …. bush poets, country queens, accomplished musicians, a pin-up man, long time buskers & boys wearing crocodile pants, what more can you ask for. Huge shout out to the fabulous @davidwoodward & @jamesavent.

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IN COLD LIGHT - Film Stills

A few shots from my time spent on set during the filming of ‘In Cold Light’; an Australian film directed by Peter Slee and starring the equally talented and humorous Felix Williamson and Matt Nable. A moving piece filmed over just seven days in one location with a voluntary crew. 

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In Cold Light

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A little photographic wrap-up from my time at MBFW in Sydney last week. From a sneaker wearing gal who loves a uniform of mostly black I’m going to go with the words of Yves Saint-Laurent, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” 

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FACES :: Catherine McNeil

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  • Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II
  • Aperture: f/7.1
  • Exposure: 1/200th
  • Focal: 29mm

FACES :: Catherine McNeil

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It’s been a busy time in Sydney theatre! These are a few of my production shots from Red Mountains, Replay, In Bloom, Punk Rock and Sunday In The Park for Nida, Australia.

© Lisa Maree Williams / Nida